PA 12 - Polyamide 12

PA 640-GSL – Polyamide 12

This dark gray PA 12 material is filled with both hollow glass beads and carbon fibers. This makes it exceptionally temperature-resistant and rigid, but also very light.

Typical Properties

Alumide® – Polyamide 12

This metallic gray, aluminum-filled polyamide 12 powder is characterized by high rigidity, a metallic appearance and a range of useful post-processing options. The surfaces of Alumide parts can very easily be finished by grinding, polishing or coating. The chip-breaking effect of the aluminum filling simplifies machining. Another impressive property of Alumide® is its very high temperature resistance, which results in excellent dimensional stability at high temperatures. Parts made from Alumide® can therefore be used in functional applications at high temperatures.

Typical Properties

PA 3200 GF – Polyamide 12

Parts made from this white polyamide 12 powder filled with glass beads have high rigidity and good elongation at break. They are also especially resistant to wear and tear, and thermally resilient. This material is used mostly in vehicle engines and molding material for deep-drawing tools.

Typical Properties

PA 2210 FR - Polyamide 12

This white polyamide 12 powder is equipped with a halogen-free chemical flame retardant. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has issued a Blue Card (equivalent to the well-known Yellow Card) specifically dedicated to 3D printing materials to PA 2210 FR: at wall thicknesses above 3 mm, it meets the required fire protection class UL 94 / V-0, primarily relevant for the production of electric and electronic components and applications in the aerospace and mobility sectors.

Typical Properties

PrimePart FR (PA 2241 FR) – Polyamide 12

This polyamide-12-based material is white and contains a halogen flame retardant. Thanks to its good refreshability, it is very cost-efficient compared to other flame-retardant materials. The additively manufactured parts are elastic with good tensile strength and are used in the interior of aircraft, e.g. ventilation ducts and exhaust valves.

Typical Properties

PA 2201 – Polyamide 12

Parts made from pigment free polyamide 12 powder are also white but appear slightly more transparent. This material can be approved for contact with food and its other properties are similar to PA 2200 – strength, rigidity and good chemical resistance.

Typical Part Properties

PA 12 (Polyamide 12)

The property profile of durable white parts made from PA 2200 is very balanced: such parts are characterized by strength, rigidity and good chemical resistance. They can be biocompatible and certified for contact with foodstuffs.

Typical Properties

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