EOS M 400

EOS M 400

Proven DMLS Quality for Industrial Production

Increased productivity thanks to 1000-watt laser power

Modular platform with process and set-up station

Build volume of 400 x 400 x 400 mm

Highly Productive System
1000-watt laser power increases productivity with higher build rates and thicker layers. Ideal for serial manufacturing of large metal parts.

Easy to Use
Coating both sides with powder material reduces production downtime. A circulating air filtering system with automatic cleaning means fewer filter changes and longer service life. 

Broad Portfolio of Materials
A comprehensive collection of materials is available, from light metals to stainless steel, tool steels and super alloys.

Technical Data EOS M 400

Compatible materials

Reduce Cycle Times, Increase Cost-Efficiency 3D Printed Molds and Tools

Reduce Cycle Times, Increase Cost-Efficiency

Why using additive manufacturing to produce 3D printed molds and tools? As an industrial production method, the 3D printing process of additive manufacturing offers enormous design and manufacturing freedom. The most complex of shapes can be designed and produced in the highest quality, quickly and cost-efficiently, even for small batch sizes. In this way, the process provides a solution to a tooling challenge faced by many tool and mold makers:

In many industries, producing specialized tools and parts is one of the most resource-intensive manufacturing processes. Conventional processes are typically expensive, time-consuming and technically very challenging. The 3D printing process with EOS metal materials is the answer. 

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Additive Manufacturing for Sports Articles 3D Printing in Practice

Additive Manufacturing for Sports Articles

To remain competitive, the sports equipment industry is increasingly turning away from classically mass-produced items. With new ideas for product improvements, businesses are approaching their goal of optimizing “athletes and their equipment” as an integrated system. 

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Additive Manufacturing for Medical Equipment 3D Printing in Medical Technology

Additive Manufacturing for Medical Equipment

For laboratory equipment and medical imaging systems (also known as imaging diagnostics or just imaging, e.g. CT, MRT or X-ray equipment), additive manufacturing is a production technology that offers new opportunities to optimize both the product and the manufacturing costs.

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