Oqton Amphyon

Simulation-based process preparation software for Laser Beam Melting

Oqton provides software solutions aiming at a "first-time-right" additive manufacturing process by integrating new analysis and simulation tools into the process chain of Laser Beam Melting processes (DMLS, SLM, Metal 3D Printing). Driven by current requirements and challenges of industrial additive manufacturing, the software suite Amphyon aims to significantly reduce pre-processing costs and take metal AM to the next level of automation.


Assess build time, material use, accessibility, post processing efforts and distortion sensitivity for all build-up orientations of your 3D model.


Automatically perform a fast calculation of residual stress and distortions of your component on regular workstation hardware


Adapt scanpower/-rate and scan-vector alignment based on local geometry and optimize the thermal input and strain accumulation according to cutting edge scientific knowledge.


Build your part first-time-right.

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