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PA 2200 / 2201

- multipurpose material
balanced profile
- high strength and stiffness
- good chemical resistance
- excellent long-term constant behavior
- high selectivity and detail resolution
- various finishing options (plating, ...)
- biocompatible in accordance with EN ISO 10993-1 and USP / level VI/121 ° C
- approved for contact with food in accordance with EU directive 2002/72/EC on plastic materials
  (exception highly alcoholic food)

PA 2202 black – Parts with continuous colouring

- balanced profile
- anthracite black color
- resistant to high mechanical loads
high stiffness
- excellent long-term stability
- excellent detail resolution

PrimePart PLUS (PA 2221)

- economic purpose material
- balanced profile
- number of available certificates (biocompatibility in contact with foodstuffs)
- high strength and stiffness
- good chemical resistance
- excellent and constant long-term behavior
- high accuracy and detail resolution
- various finishing options (plating, ...)

PrimePart FR (PA 2241 FR) - Flame Retardant Polyamide (Aviation)

- flame-retardant
- very economical
- high deformation strength

PrimePart® ST (PEBA 2301)

- high level of flexibility and strength
- good chemical resistance
- excellent long-term stability
- high selectivity and detail resolution
- various finishing options (vibratory grinding, ...)

PA 1101

- better temperature resistance than PP 12
- nearly continuous mechanical properties over a wide temperature range
- splinter or crack - even under the highest mechanical stress

PA 3200 GF - Glass bead filled polyamide

high stiffness
wear resistance
- improving the performance of temperature
- good thermal capacity
- excellent surface quality
- high dimensional accuracy and detail resolution
- good workability

Alumide® - Polyamide aluminium-filled

- easy post-processing, good machinability
high temperature
- Thermal conductivity (limited)
high stiffness
- well-balanced ratio of the mass and stiffness
- excellent dimensional accuracy

PA 2210 FR - Flame-retarding Polyamide

- flame-retardant
- halogen-free
good mechanical properties
- excellent long-term constant behavior

CarbonMide® - Polyamide carbon fibre-reinforced

- extreme strength and rigidity
- thermal and electrical conductivity (limited)
- the best strength to weight ratio
low weight

EOS PEEK HP3 - Polyaryletherketone

- high performance material
- excellent temperature characteristics, strength, stiffness and resistance to chemicals 
- excellent wear resistance
- biokompatibilita 
- good resistance to hydrolysis

PrimeCast® 101 - Polystyrene

- high dimensional accuracy
- low content of residual ash
- very high surface quality
good strength




Production process - plastic materials

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